Finding qualified staff has never been easier

With the skilled labor shortage America is currently experiencing, it may seem like craftsmen are becoming extinct. However, that’s not an excuse your clients will accept. Your projects still need to be finished on schedule and under budget.

You don’t have time to scour the country in search of the skilled workers you rely on. But we do, because that’s what we specialize in. Allow us to connect you with our pool of qualified craftsmen that gives your workforce the flexibility to expand or shrink depending on the project.

Avoler provides staff for the ship repair, marine and industrial sectors. When you need manpower, we’re here with the crew that’s on-demand and ready to serve you.

We specialize in staffing the following:

  • Short-term staff
  • Long-term staff
  • Temp-to-hire

Avoler takes the stress out of staffing your project.

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