About Us

Building a Stronger America

America is changing. We’re transitioning from a time when individuals were focused on becoming skilled craftsmen to a present where young people are looking for careers in technology, healthcare, and the arts. Simply put, skilled craftsmen are becoming harder and harder to find. That’s where we come in.

Avoler Group provides a fully trained and certified workforce to the ship repair, marine, and industrial industries for both short and long term assignments. Additionally, we also support warehousing needs as well as Office and Administration positions. We know that when more people are employed and businesses have the manpower to complete a project, it improves not only the community but also makes our country stronger. That’s why Avoler is committed to connecting the right talent to the right job.

When you partner with Avoler as a job seeker or organization, you can feel confident that we’re with you for the long haul - for this job and the next. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with both clients and our workforce, because when you succeed we succeed too.

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